ILIGAN CITY | Maria Cristina Falls + Divine Mercy Shrine

Our vacation in Mindanao was never predicted to be that adventurous and full of first time moments. On the final day of our trip the last destinations we visited were the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salavador City and the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines, Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City.

Our side trip to these last two destinations were unplanned likewise not part of our itinerary. Its our driver (Kuya Adonis) who suggested that we can still use our morning free time by going to Iligan City and then back to CDO in the afternoon to catch our flight. We left the hotel 6am and with roughly 45 minutes of travel we were already in the Divine Mercy Shrine. The vicinity was open to visitors already but the Shrine's gates were still closed so going up the platform was not possible.

At the back of the shrine there is an area designated for praying. We stayed for a while and said our prayers to God. We then went to the Holy Water Station where anyone is allowed to drink and fill up their empty bottles. It is also a must to say prayers first before drinking the holy water from the faucet.

Praying Area Bulletin Board

We left Divine Mercy Shrine and continued going to Iligan City. With roughly 2 hrs of journey we reached National Power Corporation where Maria Cristina Falls is situated. There is no entrance fee to enter the park but the group must have a valid identification then all can go in. The water gates were not yet fully opened the time we visited the falls that's why the falls doesn't look mighty. Yet, even if this is the case, and even if we're hundred feets away, we can still feel some mist on our faces.

Flowing water from the waterfalls
Inside the Maria Cristina Power Plant
While we were still in Iligan we dropped by at Cheding to buy our pasalubong. Different sweet products and special vinegars are being sold by the shop. The special product of Cheding are the peanuts so don't forget to buy one.

We still made our final round of shopping in Cagayan De Oro before we went to the airport. Of course, what else to buy? PASTEL! Though it was Camiguin's specialty, we bought several boxes in CDO due to its short expiration dates. Writing this words now makes me miss the taste of Pastel...

My stay in Mindanao marked the most number of provinces and destinations I've visited in a week. This vacation will always remind me of my extreme activities and the wondrous waterfalls that awestricken me.

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Our Driver:  09272360022 (Kuya Adonis)
Until the next destination,

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  1. The picture of Maria Cristina Falls really looks awesome. Is it allowed to go near the falls? I haven't seen a real falls in my entire life. I will definitely go there someday. Thanks to your interesting post. =)

  2. Hi, its not allowed to go near the falls but they have a viewing deck for the guests. :) Thanks for visiting my site. :)

  3. nice picture of the falls tengturista. This falls was a topic in my textbook way back elementary years. Its good to see the falls in colored and with such photographic power. Thanks for featuring! Nicely captured. Keep it up!

  4. hey, thanks for dropping by and appreciating the photos! :)

  5. I really like the Divine Mercy because of the perfect image of The Creator + a very tall feet. Thanks for posting this. I hope you enjoyed your time spending here in Mindanao.

  6. Hi Xang, i definitely enjoyed my stay in Mindanao. It was worth spending my holy week there. I'll be going back to visit the other provinces. Thank you for dropping by. :)

  7. Hey Teng,
    Pics are awesome!!gud one :)

  8. Thanks pari! again happy bday! :)

  9. Tsong dude,
    It's been awhile since I last saw the glimpse of this waterfalls. Nice shot pre, love the effects on the flowing waterfalls as well. And I must admit, I never knew that we have a shrine as big as that here in the Philippines. I hope makapunta ako someday. Thanks for sharing!!! =D

  10. the place luks really nice.. the pics are awesome..

  11. @Kurt aka DWade - Salamat sa pagbisita tsong dude! Sana nga makapunta ka sa lugar na to. if you need contacts just let me know.
    @Rashmi - thanks for the warm comments! :)

  12. Nice one Teng, ang ganda. Gusto ko din maka-akyat dun kay Papa Jesus! :) Thanks again for sharing! ^_^ Nice blogsite btw. :) (Mariel Ballada here. :))

  13. Ey Ayielle, great to see your footprints here. :) I'm glad that I was able to share some notes about the shrine. I hope you'll be able to visit it soon. :) Thanks for following as well!

  14. Hello! Wow ang gaganda ng mga litrato. Nakabibighani. Maganda ang pangarap na meron ka. Naiingit ako sayo. Gagawin kitang inspirasyon. :)

    Bibisitahin ko some other time ang blog mo using my other blogger account. Kasi this is my angry account! lol


  15. Grand falls!!
    Di pa malakas yang lagay na yan ah.

  16. @Galita KO - maraming salamat sa iyong nakakatuwang mga kumento at ndi ka nagalit sa mga larawan na pinakita ko. Sana tyo ay magkita pang muli. Akin din bibisitahin ang iyong maganda blogsite. Astig ka kapatid!

    @Christian - oo bro ndi pa sya full power nyan pero ramdam ko na yng lakas nya. sensya na medyo late na ko nakareply medyo busy kc. salamat sa pagdalaw bro!

  17. amazing ang breathtaking! someday soon i'll be there too. never pa ako nakapunta sa MCF. but with your photo, i'm motivated to visit the place. =)

  18. thanks for dropping avatar lady! i'm glad to know that i was able to motivate you thru my photos. ;)

  19. awesome tour! love your pics!<3 just want to know how mch did you pay for your tour to iligan (with transpo) thank you so mch!!!

  20. Thank you fo appreciating our city... you should have also went to Tinago Falls (still in Iligan City), where the water is crystal clear and you can swim in there too.
    By the way, El Salvador is not a city ^_^


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