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If you like cold weather in the middle of a hot summer then Bukidnon is the best place for you. This province is the home of the best pineapples in the Philippines. On our journey to Bukidnon, we had a different activity in mind - to explore Dahilayan, Adventure Park. Zipline, ATVs, Buggy Cars, Zorb Balls, Bungy Bounce, Tree Top Adventure - name it they have it!

Going to Dahilayan is roughly 2 hours ride from Cagayan De Oro City. You would know if your are already near the park if you start seeing the long stretch of pineapple farm owned by Del Monte, Philippines. Expect a bumpy ride as the roads are not yet paved but you will be amazed how rich the agriculture in Bukidnon with the variety of crops along the way. I was able to see corn, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas and of course the never ending site of pineapples. I wanted to step down the vehicle and pick some but it was strictly prohibited, even to take pictures of the farm was not allowed. Well, I had no choice but to respect the rules so I'm leaving that for your own discovery.

The foggy road going to Forest Park (12 noon)
It was raining pretty hard when we arrived at the park so it was the perfect time to eat lunch and wait until the rain subside.The park's restaurant is spacious and surrounded by pine trees with a great view of the park.

Park's Restaurant
Despite the rain, I still roamed around take pictures and was interested of the life-size Indian statues placed around the park's playground. Being heartbroken by the gloomy afternoon, I went to the souvenir shop to interview some of the staffs and it was then when I found out that afternoon rains in Bukidnon are normal due to its high altitude. So that explains, why most of the souvenirs they sell are raincoats, jackets and the likes.

We were very fortunate that the rain stopped after lunch so it was the signal to start the fun! The first thing we tried is the Zorb Ball. You'll have go inside the huge inflated ball with hands and feet strapped while the ball rolls down the park. Surely, you will scream from the adrenaline feeling!

"Zorbitero" - person who operates the Zorb Ball

After the head bouncing zorb experience, we tried next the ATVs! It was the most awesome ATV experience I've had. If you want to experience the real deal, you must try this! The puddle of water, mud, fog, steep downhills and rain are the elements that will define this extreme ride.

After the ATV ride. My feet covered with mud!
Dahilayan, Adventure Park is also the home of the longest dual cable zipline in Asia - ZipZone. The zipline can carry two people at the speed of up to 100kph and 840 meters long. In addtion, they  also offer shorter ziplines of 320 and 150 meters.

Going back to Cagayan De Oro City, we had dinner at Fiesta sa Bala Sugbahan where I enjoyed the local dish sinugba.

Useful information I was able to note down:
Entrance fees (Weekdays):
Adult: Php.50.00 (note: if you will be riding the ATV/ Buggy Cars entrance is already free)
Kids: Php.20.00

Ride Rates:
Buggy: Php800.00
Bungy Bounce: Php200.00
Tree Top Adventure:Php250.00

Zipzone Rates:
840m: Php500.00
320m + 150m: Php250.00
All Rides (840+320+150): Php600.00

Our Driver:  09272360022 (Kuya Adonis)

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  1. I am quite interested with Zorb Ball. Just looking at it, my adrenaline heightens already. I hope I could visit Bukidnon as well when we go to Cagayan de Oro next month.

  2. this place could be full pack of adventure... nice nice nice

  3. such an adrenaline rush! i love the way your describe ATV. Definitely the best!

  4. @CDO map - yup! zorb ball will really bring out the adrenaline in you! try it! :D
    @Stephanie - i agree. the place is perfect for the adventure seekers. must try the ATVs!
    @Guest - thanks for visiting. It was really one hell of a ride. never been that dirty after riding an ATV. That is the right way to offer an off road ride. I felt i was a kid again enjoying the mud and the rain. =D

  5. Love the 3rd photo! The black and white one. Me wanna try the Zorb!!!

  6. thanks gay! when you go to bukidnon try the zorb and atv as well sulit sya. :D

  7. arrrrgghhh! I envy you. I've been to Dahilayan Adventure Park but didn't try the ATV. Now I wanna come back!!! Great photos Tengturista. I am now a fan. GOOD JOB!

  8. hey thanks! too bad i don't have pictures of the muddy track because i didn't bring my camera. anyway, thanks for visiting my blog..i appreciate it!

  9. Oh! Here it is. Cool!Thanks for sharing this one. I really enjoyed viewing your shots, its great. I'm sure you're really cold while having your atvs, hope you didn't catch up any colds. Thanks again for sharing.

  10. hey xang, yeah it was cold and foggy that time but it didn't bother me much while doing the ATVs. The downhill part was really heart-pumping. :)

  11. I just watched the movie “Forever and a Day” and decided to research on the place and came upon your blog.

    Thanks for sharing… looks like something we will do on our next trip home.

  12. hi! do you have contacts in dahilayan? i''ve been trying to reach them but no feedback.


  13. I am xcited to be there with ma family and try all sort of adventure in bukid....can anyone help us the cheapest place to stay for huge family group with lots of kids.....

  14. Eira - please contact our driver during our tour. He can help you with all the things you need. 09272360022 (Kuya Adonis)

    Gina - same as my advise to Eira please get in touch with Kuya Adonis. He can arrange everything for you. I suggest you stay in CDO and then travel to Bukidnon. Lot of things to see in CDO as well. Enjoy!

  15. @JO - i haven't watched the movie yet but I heard they shot it in Dahilayan. :)

  16. am going vac this nov wish to visit this place.

  17. hi teng..me and my bf wer planning to go here at Dahilayan..how can we get there from CDO airport?thanks..really nice place and beautiful pictures :) Godbless

  18. Hi there, you can contact our driver during our tour: 09272360022 (Kuya Adonis). he can take you there safely. :)

  19. Hi i would like to know if there's a hotel where we can billet for our 2 days stay in CDO also, did you try water rafting? do they have it in Dahilayan? thanks! Your blog has gave me an idea of what to expect in CDO.

  20. hi, i heard they offer overnyt stay in dahilayan (house ) any idea on their amenities?
    ur driver is also connected with dahilayan adventure park itself?

    i appreciate your post here.
    thanks a lot

  21. @Tisay - hello! river rafting is only in CDO. :)
    @Guest - our driver knows many people from Dahilayan Adventure park. :)

  22. hi tengturista -who said taking photos of pineapple plantation wasnt allowed? i have seen many blogs and most have photos of plantation all details of amenities can be found on their website or for more details can contact greenetravel_tours@yahoo.com

  23. Hi, our driver told me. Wala din po akong nakitang ngppicture taking during the time I was there so I thought it wasn't really allowed. Anyways, thanks for sharing the information.

  24. planning to go here this June. thanks for this wonderful information!!! :)

  25. teng jas wanna ask u if wer we cud stay considering as budget wise for 5-6 persons,how is the pad look like?pine groove too expensive for us...hope u cud share some ideas...


  26. Lubu Sy Austria8 May 2012 at 20:42

    Thank you very much for this info.... first,I thought we need an organizer team to do this kind of adventure.... I didnt imagine that we can just visit the place or just walk in then woolah.... again thank you...


  27. yes me also planning to go there.........awesome place...

  28. how much is the motorbike round trip if i just commute from camp philips to dahilayan

  29. hello..My cousin and I are planning to have our christmas break at dahilayan adventure park..We're from gensan..saan po kami bababa kng galing pa kami gensan?may mga signboards po ba na mkta sa highway??thanks po.

  30. Hi! Si Kuya Adonis ba owns/drives the van from CDO ?
    We plan (4 kami) to visit Dahilayan & stay overnight. More or less Dec. 25 namin gusto. If someone wants to join para lesser ang fare sa multicab or van pls email. zap28ph@yahoo.com

  31. Filipinos are fervent sports lovers. I'm sure a lot of people will surely gonna visit the place and I am one of them! I want to experience the muddy and foggy riding the ATV! :)


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