QUEZON + TANAY RIZAL | Kamay ni Hesus - Regina Rica

Jesus and Mary. This is our theme for our 2011 ritual for this lenten season. Year on year, we do Station of the Cross wherein we visit 7 churches and say two prayers on each - its like a Visita Iglesia with Station of the Cross on the side. This year we made it different.

My family decided to do the Istasyon on the the two renowned places for worship - Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Quezon and Regina Rica in Rizal. It was a long ride going to Quezon Province and Tanay Rizal.

Going to Quezon, we traveled via the highway that connects Rizal and Quezon Province. This route was very handy for us - no traffic, no toll fees and cemented roads. You would also pass Pagsanjan Laguna and other towns in Rizal where you can take a side-trip upon going home.

Here in the Philippines, Stations of the Cross is a common practice to Catholic Filipinos during Maundy Thursday. It is a devotion in commemorating the passion of Jesus Christ. This is religiously done on Visita Iglesia where a devotee has to say his prayers in every station. It is a form of penitence and sacrifice during the Lenten Season.

Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is located at Mt. Banahaw, Brgy. Tinamnan, Lucban Quezon. The shrine is known for celebrating healing masses. It features life size statues symbolizing the 14 Stations of the Cross where visitors do their traditional istasyon. These stations are situated in a hill where one has to accomplish 292 steps to finish all stations. At the top, a very big statue of Jesus Christ is standing and claimed to be the third biggest in the world. 

There's a lot of stalls inside the vicinity that offers different variety of goodies for pasalubong - broas, pancit habhab, cassava pudding, and many more, not to mention the famous of all and my favorite - Lucban longanisa.

We were then greeted by a 71-foot-tall statue of the Queen of the Holy Rosary in Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal. The experience was very solemn - Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii will assist you once you climbed the statue and guide you towards the praying room.

God's presence is being felt as we walk, climb, lit our candles and pray towards Regina Rica. It was a short climb but a bit uncomfortable because of the heat of the sun - the air is cold though since the place is high.

Regina Rica is also a place where one can reflect while roaming around locality - visitors can cross the hanging bridge and enjoy feeding the rabbits and playing with the monkey as they head to the organic garden. We enjoyed the view of nipa huts (where sisters reside) and the swings beside as we head and wander around the 'Foot path in the Woods'

Regina Rica sells the tree as a fundraising project - one can adopt a tree around Php700/month. They also offer freshly baked bread with natural ingredients (tastes like pesto) for Php50 each - variety of snacks for merienda can be bought in Regina's Kanlungan.

Until the next destination,

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  1. Beautiful shots. My family and I used to visit Kamay ni Hesus on a weekly basis. Too bad busy na kami masyado ngayon. It's a nice place.

  2. this looks interesting... i've been to Kamay ni Hesus, but not yet in Regina Rica... maybe next visit ko sa Tanay, i'll check it out...

  3. The first photo is amazingly beautiful! Wow I like it!!! In fact I like all the photos :) Great blog!

  4. @Kim - wow that's great. I agree with you the place is nice.
    @Pinoy Adveturista - yup visit mo yng Regina Rica bro lapit lang sya.
    @Nelieta - Thanks you! =D

  5. from the webmaster of Regina Rosarii and Regina RICA.. nice photos of Regina RICA.. feel free to send all your photos so we could upload it to our gallery... Thanks Bro.. May Our Lady Regina Rosarii bless you always.

  6. you can visit our website www.reginarosarii.org or www.reginarica.org

  7. thanks! Let me know where/how i could send the pictures for your gallery.

  8. historical place and adventure both are in one package

  9. nice.could you share what route did you took to get there.my family are planning to go to Kamay ni Hesus.uhm.ok kasi yung dinaanan nyo wala ng toll fees.san po ba yung daan kapag sa walang toll fees?thanks

  10. I assumed you have taken the Manila East Road from Laguna all the way til reaching the Tanay side. As far as I remember, Regina RICA is situated along the famed Marikina-Infanta road or in other words, Marcos Highway.

    Two pilgrimages in one trip? That was indeed awesome though a really long, winding trip crossing provinces. Been on Regina this past holy week, while dropped by Kamay ni Hesus seven years ago.

    And browsing on these photos even if it's dated 2011? Not bad. Never gets old as it seems.


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