EL NIDO PALAWAN | Exploring the Sunsets

It was a rainy vacation for me in El Nido as I did not expect that summer season would be that short as compared to last year. I almost lost hope in seeing a great sunset because of the low pressure area hitting some regions of the Philippines. The weather in El Nido that time was not pretty bad at all. It was only rainy during morning and night but the paranoia of having a sunny day was still there. Everyday, I never missed to stare at the sky during dawn. Hoping that the sun will paint the sky with colorful tones.The sun did not fail me while it used the sky as a canvas...

Watching the sun set is one of my hobbies


CASITA YSABEL | The Balinese-like Experience

After so many months of craving to taste the Balinese-Style Experience, we finally found a place that can satisfy that wanting. It's not as expensive as it should, and should not be time-extensive as expected as Casita Ysabel is just 2-3 hours drive-away from Metro.

Our travel destination is located in Mabini, Batangas - a known center of marine diversity. Though we did not try to dive, we are hopeful that we could come back to experience the marine sanctuary of Anilao.

Casita Ysabel is just a small resort (semi-private) compared to the neighboring resorts. It is a one of a kind hotel you can splurge on - it is uniquely designed with a very inviting landscapes and interiors.

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