CAGAYAN DE ORO | White Water Rafting

Challenge your Mind, Endurance, Strength and Fear with the best extreme activities Cagayan De Oro has to offer. In this third installment of my 5-day vacation in Northern Mindanao, I went out to experience the very popular White Water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro River! This is the most thrilling adventure of my 2011 SUMMER!

First thing's first we stayed at Park View Hotel though my suggestion when it comes to hotel is to choose one that is within the city proper. I didn't care much of the hotel offerings but instead chose a place to stay that will shorten our travel time from the famous landmarks. We settled ourselves 7am and waited for the jeepney that took us to Great White Water Tours. The company did not let us sign waivers because they believe in their 100% safety of the trip. I am pretty much impressed by this because it just means  that they are confident enough to ensure that nothing bad will happen to you when the raft flips over. After the usual briefing of the do's and dont's of the activity we head out to Cagayan De Oro river.

On the way...

Starting Point
One by one different groups grabbed their rafts and off they go! There's no beginner or amateur courses for us, all have to paddle 17kms and ride 21 rapids. PADDLE FORWARD and PADDLE HARD!

Just a simple tip, if you don't like to fall in the water choose the white rafts because they are bigger and harder to flip. The yellow ones are smaller and guaranteed to throw you out in the water. BUT, falling is the best thing that can happen to you so make sure to experience that! I fell several times and almost lost my underwater cam due to the strong current but fortunately it was intact with my life vest.

One thing's for sure if there's a rock be ready because you are going to fall! The guides are intentionally bumping the rocks and putting weight at the tail of the raft to make an easy flip.Do not worry while in water because many guides are around the place to pull you off water.

At the half of our rafting journey, we were provided with refreshments and PASTEL! We also dipped in the water while waiting for the other rafts. The water was cold and I was literally going with the flow. ;)

The last part of the course will bring you close to a cave where numerous snakes are hanging in the branches above the rocks. Don't be scared by this because they are just sleeping and will cause no harm.

Green Snake
We totally had fun rafting in the river and this is a must try when going to Cagayan De Oro. The experience will guarantee enjoyment and put a smile on your face.

Our tour information:
Great White Water Tours Rafting - +639285517511 (Ivy) <- awesome service!
Package Deal - Php1,200 (includes pick up from hotel, snacks and lunch)

Our Driver:  09272360022 (Kuya Adonis)

Until the next destination,

my email: tengd7k@gmail.com


  1. very nice adventure! i really love your photos

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and admiring my photos. :)

  3. Nice pics Teng! Hehehe I love to try this someday - Kurt =)

  4. Wow! Great photos. You guys really enjoyed water rafting here in Cagayan. I hope no one got hurt. Have you tried zip lining too? You better be, it is the Longest zip line in Asia. :)

    Cagayan de Oro Philippines

  5. hi xang! no one got hurt and we just loved falling over and over. :) we've also been to dahilayan but we're not able to try the zipline because it was raining pretty bad so I only experienced the ATVs. Definitely, we'll go back to try that next time. ;) Thanks for checking out this blog. Appreciate it. ;)

  6. Nice! lalo akong naexcite para bukas! Haha! ;)

  7. @Nicole - goodluck! enjoy! =D

  8. White water rafting is truly one of a kind experience. I and my friends tried this before and wew, that was really awesome! Every peso you paid for and muscle pain you got from the rafting was worth it.

  9. 100% agree with that! worth every penny. :)

  10. Sorry for the delay reply tenturista. I was so busy this past few days. Oh, that's sad. Bukidnon always do rains. I hope the next time you'll be there you will conquer it hopefully. Also try there zorbing, you won't regret it.

  11. I love the high definition pictures. I can see that you were having so fun during the adrenaline-pumping adventure.

  12. that looks like tons of fun!!!!

  13. good thing you still got skill to take good pictures despite the already adventurous effort of rafting. KUDOS! loving your blogs. im an instant fan!<3

  14. Hi Teng, I'm Laura Guevarra of DIYAVP. May I use pic number 4? I need a landmark of CDO. These template we are working on will be for PAGASA weather reports - local temperature of Major Cities. Please let me know. My email addr is diyavp@yahoo.com.

  15. i wanna try this talaga! grabe ok ang mga adventures mo ah.. follow kita sir and hopefully magawa ko dn yan and ma blog in the future :-)

  16. Hi Teng,

    I would like to ask permission if I can use one of your images in our manual/magazine. This is a not-for-sale magazine that we distribute in different countries.

    Here is the image that we are talking about: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-odHNfp0HgSs/TdE4jKhYLSI/AAAAAAAAAYI/lLUSBgH5VtI/s1600/DSC_0687.jpg

    You may reach me at marketing@uniorient.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  17. Looks like you really enjoy on what you experience in white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro.. :-) You must try as well the extreme course.. :-)

  18. Nice pictures. Thanks for the nice information; it is really awesome and very useful for the blogger reader those want to know about the white water rafting. Thanks a lot...


  19. I've heard many times already about the white water rafting at Cagayan de Oro and it's kinda scary. We're going to Cagayan by next week. My friends are planning this thing. Hahaha. Ugh. Fears.

  20. Just by reading your experience, lalo tuloy akong na excite. Can't wait to experience white water rafting this August!

  21. To be honest, I enjoyed your images! :) It made me laugh because of your facial expressions. Really genuine and the camera perfectly captured it especially when your raft turned upside down. The laughter that's shown in your images also mean you had 100% fun. :D Really love viewing all your pics! The green snake looks scary .. yikes. :P

  22. ini liburan menantang
    mencoba rafting di sungai
    makasih infonya

  23. White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro is One of the best "adventure experience" for me. It's best go rafting when the weather is not too hot or better wear some sun screen.


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