TAYTAY RIZAL | Club Manila East Resort + CME 2011 Surfing Cup

Summer heat is officially ON!

Where is your destination to actually escape this intense heat? A lot of us prefer to cool down in out of town beaches and other prominent summer destinations in the country like Bohol, Palawan, Boracay, Davao and the likes. Going to these places means digging a hole in your pocket and extra effort doing your researches. Fun activities and definitely awesome experiences would then be the result. 

Do you want to surf? How about dive? Maybe you wan to fly too? If you live just in Metro Manila and you don’t have the time for an out of town, one of the coolest destinations is just within your reach that can offer you these experiences. YES. Club Manila East, Taytay Rizal can actually offer these activities. They have the Ocean Waves, a 14-feet deep diving pool and their newest attraction – CME FLY

It is definitely an ocean within the city. OceanWaves is the country’s most powerful simulated wave pool that perfectly mimics that of oceans – perfect for surfing.The wave here really differs from that of the ocean because it is uniform and definitely not salt water (harder to catch a wave). The surfers use the long board in this ocean wave pool.

Just recently, they held the 2nd CME Surfing Competition organized by Philippine Surfing Academy (PSA). The event was open to all beginner surfers. Categories include kids (under 13), open women’s and open men’s. I am just fortunate to be invited and cover this event. 
Gatorade is one of the major sponsors of the event. One of the unlimited perks I enjoyed.
CME Management with the opening remarks
Staff of GMA 7 also covering the competition.

Coach Paolo Soler - President of Philippine Surfing Academy and Host of 2011 CME Surfing Cup
It was too exhilarating to watch the surfers grab their boards and paddle out. It is even more exciting to see them balance out and ride the waves. I am actually stoked to see little kids ride the waves just like pro.
Kids Women Division Champion - Tereze Lumdang
Note: CME provides surfing lessons to those who like to learn this water sport. Perfect activity to heat up your summer!

Diving Pool
The 14-feet deep diving pool offers the same adrenaline rush with that of a cliff-dive. Your energy will surely be heightened as you jump-off the ramp and touch the water. You can do whatever diving position you want – just be very cautious for your own risk. Though, lifeguards are all over the vicinity so you won’t feel any worry that you might drown. 

CME FLY is a 320 meter zipline. It is said to be the longest and nearest zipline in Metro Manila. For just Php150 a ride, you can already experience to fly and see topview of the resort. The CME Fly is now open!
The view you can enjoy from above while ziplining.
CME Marketing Team enjoying the experience in CME Fly.
Other than the three extreme facilities, CME also offer a wide variety of water sports and activities. There are other facilities like Buzzy River, BeachWaves, Kiddie Pool with waterfalls and fountains, Adult Pool with a giant 3-looped slide, Boating area for kayaking, the Lap Pool, the Shaded Pool, and the Bean-shaped pool. 

CME is definitely a one stop-summer-activity camp where you can enjoy the sun even not during summer

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  1. Wow. Really excellent shots! Thanks Teng! :)
    See you next time at CME.

  2. I live near CME. I can't believe I missed the Surfing Competition!

  3. @camillebinuya - thanks po! We will be going to CME again later for the zipline. :)
    @Kim - awwww! sayang! my bago cla zipline opening today. :)

  4. Hi Teng!

    You're shots are amazing! You really gave justice to CME's beauty. Haha.

    We're really hoping to see you and Kim at the resort again!

    ...And thank you for including my pic here! haha :P

    Jhe :)

  5. @jhe - Thank you as well for the invitation! we enjoyed the experience so much. We'll definitely visit again - sana matuloy yung wakeboard! hahahaha!

  6. i love CME! i just don't like that they cannot rent their villas for day tour.. we'll have to settle for the cabanas.. it's sad for me 'cause i got 3 kids who needs a relaxing place to resting the afternoon.. oh well, we'll still be there on Friday..

  7. This is so NOT fair! I have started to take out the winter clothes because it is getting cold now. I wish I could transform myself to this wonderful place that you are showing in your photos!!!

    Excellent photos!!!

  8. haha haven't been there. next destination for this coming week. thanks teng! ;p

  9. @mommilove - hope you enjoyed your CME trip experience last friday. :)
    @Nelieta - awwww. you should visit Philippines sometime soon. :)
    @Hazelle - cool! maeenjoy mo yan for sure! malapit lang sya. :)

  10. Worst experience. Someone broke inside our room while me and my family were swimming. Before leaving the room, we made sure that the doors were locked, both from the ajoining door connecting the other room and the main door. When we went back, my camera bag including lenses are missing including my wife's iPhone. We were only thankful that only these things were taken, but what if my kids are inside the room and someone broke in. Who knows what might happen.

    I wouldn't recommend Club Manila East, especially if you have with you your cameras or some gadgets. Security in the area is very poor. The only security we saw is in the main entrance. In the area where overnight accommodation is, there are no security in sight. This happened June 18, 2011.

  11. Wow beautiful photos =)
    I am planning to go there next weekend with a group of friends. Seeing this entry made me so excited. I'll include a link of your blog in mine. I hope it's okay.

  12. in house sea comfort.........enjoy with security......


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