CASITA YSABEL | The Balinese-like Experience

After so many months of craving to taste the Balinese-Style Experience, we finally found a place that can satisfy that wanting. It's not as expensive as it should, and should not be time-extensive as expected as Casita Ysabel is just 2-3 hours drive-away from Metro.

Our travel destination is located in Mabini, Batangas - a known center of marine diversity. Though we did not try to dive, we are hopeful that we could come back to experience the marine sanctuary of Anilao.

Casita Ysabel is just a small resort (semi-private) compared to the neighboring resorts. It is a one of a kind hotel you can splurge on - it is uniquely designed with a very inviting landscapes and interiors.

We were a group of 6 so we decided to book the Ysabel Deluxe Room and Maria Balinese Casita. Ysabel rooms are situated in one building, very near the canteen. It is significantly smaller than the Casitas but still equipped with its own bathroom and air-conditioned. It has an overlooking view of the beach with the sight of Casita Balinese roofs.

View from Ysabel Room
I personally like the Maria Casita more than the Ysabel rooms because of the homey feeling it gives you. The interior is Balinese inspired and the bed with curtain adds a very relaxing vibe. It has a good view of the garden and has a balcony where you can unwind while watching the turquoise sea.

Walkway to the Casita
Casita Ysabel do not have a shoreline of its own but it has great facilities where you can hang out. It has a small two-storey villa at beach front, a nice place to stay with friends or venue for a relaxing massage. The resort also made a bamboo platform for guests who likes to spend the day by the beach. There are pillows around that are handy when sun bathing.

One of the disappointments that we've had is that this resort doesn't have a shore nor a swimming pool for a compromise. If you like to go for a swim, you need to take a walk to access the shore.  Be sure to wear aqua shoes because of the rough beach. One of my friends was very unlucky to step on a sea urchin. It was painful indeed. What is interesting though, is that the neighboring resorts are very welcoming to tourists. They do not mind what resort you stay in because they will help you - that's Filipino hospitality!

They also have Kayaks and snorkeling gear for rent.
Snack, Dinner, Breakfast and Lunch were already included in the package. Casita Ysabel serves variety of delicious food - from pasta to rice, pork, chicken or fish, up to the desserts. I especially love their snack turon with chocolate dip. They also served deep fried gumamela stuffed with cheese during our stay which I found extreme yet very creative. They serve in buffet so you don't have to worry about the amount - you can take as much food as you want. 

Casita Ysabel also offers SPA services that will surely throw away your stress. You can choose from a variety of different massages and body scrubs that fits your relaxing desire.

With my experience in this resort, I could say that it has satisfied my Bali-Inspired Vacation. Though we have not experienced the 'real' Bali Getaway yet, the design of this resort made us feel that we are close to being in Bali. The resort is clean and has a very nice design. There is no wi-fi and TV however I didn't find this as negative since all we wanted to do is to relax and enjoy. Next time I come back to Anilao, I will definitely try scuba diving.

Until the next destination,

CONS - I did not like the hidden 6% service charge and I hope the owner is more friendly than snob. You have to pay for the ice if you want a cold drink. Facilities like kayak and snorkeling gear is not included in the package so you have to pay extra for that. Parking was a challenge too. 


  1. wow parang super relaxing dian ah

  2. one of the best photoblogs in the plant. keep it up sir

  3. The place is a good find.
    Though, since ang ganda na ng amenities, sana tinodo na nila.
    Good job with the photos Teng!

  4. @den marco - sir relaxing nga d2. punta na din! :)
    @marvin - sir thanks for the inspiring words! goodluck din sa career mo. :)
    @camille - sana nga....sana... =P thanks!

  5. With a resort like this I wouldn't mind just lazing around and enjoying its facilities, but a pool would be nice though.

  6. This is a discovery. How much do they charge for the spa? If they do not have a beachfront, where do you do kayaking? At nearby resorts?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  7. @Lakwatsera - I agree. It's a nice facility to be added and a good night swim would be perfect for relaxation.
    @Roman - massage services starts with 500 to 1,000 pesos. To get the full details about their SPA services here is the link: http://www.casitaysabel.com/SpaServices.html. Regarding the kayaks, the resort is beachfront but it doesn't have a shore of its own. You can still do kayaking in front of the resort but I suggest to do it in the morning while high tide so you won't have to go too far. :)

  8. They should hire you as their official photographer for their website :P Nice photos and journal!

    Ugh*! I hate hidden charges! Ganyan din sa Eagle Point Report, 10% SC for EVERYTHING - kahit mini-bar ha!

  9. Thanks hannah! grabe nga yang SC na yan. nakakagulat! akala nmen ok na yng ambagan yet meron pa palang additional. buti na lang may dala kmeng extra money. otherwise maghuhugas kme ng pinaggan. hehe!

  10. Panalo dito ah, will try this place out next summer =]

  11. nice discovery and nice photos. was it relaxing to stay here? or any other place you would recommend? Thanks!

  12. How much is the rate for day tour only? :)


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