ACUATICO | The Best Infinity Pool in Laiya

Here's the story how I landed in this beautiful resort in Batangas. Our flight to Naga got moved and totally messed up our itinerary in Cam Sur so we decided to cancel the trip. As alternative, I chose Acuatico Beach Resort. This resort sits in the shore line of Laiya, Batangas. It is only 3 hours drive from Manila via SLEX and Star Tollway. The best reason to visit this place is their INFINITY POOL. It offers a one of a kind perspective by making the pool seem connected to the sea.

The rates of Acuatico is more expensive than the other resorts in Laiya (ex. La Luz). We paid Php6500/night for an Infinity Pool Room. It has LCD TV, queen size bed, bathroom, air-conditioned and situated right beside the infinity pool. The only thing I didn't like is the bathroom because it is very small - not giving you enough elbow room when taking a bath. However, the amenities of this resort is well-maintained. They have a bar in the middle of the pool which serves 24x7 and free wifi within the vicinity. I also find Acuatico's structural design very classy and unique.
View from Infinity Pool Room
Acuatico is very clean and the water in the pool is super clear. Perfect for an afternoon dip! You can also find umbrellas and folding chairs for your relaxation. If you like reading books, then the ambiance is perfect for you.

Aside from the pool, you can also swim in the beach. The resort offers free use of kayaks.


With regards to food, they offer Ala Carte Menu and Buffet. Ala Carte Menu ranges from Php180 above while the Buffet is Php500. I tried the buffet for my dinner and it was great. The menu offers very flexible choices such as seafood, salad, pork, cakes, ice cream and the best one I enjoyed - Balut! 

After dinner, I took a walk by the shore and enjoyed the breeze. It was also nice to exchange stories with some locals and resort staffs. Acuatico is very quiet at night and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the television from the bar.

My night ended with a couple of drinks and a very relaxing massage...

The morning breakfast is buffet that is packaged from the room we booked. We took a morning dip in the pool and then headed back to Manila.

Despite not having much activity in this trip, I still enjoyed my stay in Acuatico. It was truly relaxing and I realized that sometimes vacations are not always about adrenaline rush. Acuatico is a very good place to escape from our busy world.
Travel Tips:
1. If you are going here on a weekend, book a month ahead because they are always fully-booked. 
2. Weekdays are the perfect time to go here because they only have few guests.
3. For complete details about rates and directions you can check their official website: www.acuaticoresort.com.ph

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  1. excellent photography! pangarap ko makapunta jan eh =)

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  12. beach with great comfort .want to be there......

  13. I was born in San Juan, Batangas and proud!


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