BOHOL | The Extreme Danao Experience!

Looking for something extreme? Then Danao Adventure Park is the place to be. This is the most intense activity we did in Bohol. A great deal of heights await you in Danao. The park offers ziplining, bungee jumping, trekking, ATV rides, caving, rapelling, root climbing, cable ride, river exploration, wall climbing, camping and village tour.

First thing first, if you are going to Danao and will be coming from your hotel in Panglao I highly suggest that you allot one day for this adventure. Going to Danao is 2-3hours land travel. Some of the roads you'll need pass are not yet paved so expect a bumpy ride.

After the long and enduring journey we finally arrived Danao Adventure Park around 11am. At the receiving area, there are pictures of the different rides/activities which you can do in the park. Once you have your choice, you need to pay the equivalent fee before going to the activity area. My friends and I decided to try the suislide (zipline), skyride (cable ride) and for the brave souls - the plunge. I wanted to try the ATVs but I found it expensive (more or less a thousand bucks), besides I went to Danao to conquer the heights!

Our first station was the Sky Ride. This is very similar to a cable car which traverse from one end to another. Not much adrenaline can be experienced here but it is good for people who have fear of heights.

As the day the go along, the activities become more and more extreme. The next stop - Suislide. I personally love ziplining so I couldn't help myself but to try this. Maximum of two people can ride at a time. It was an exhilarating experience to cross two mountains and have a beautiful view of the river beneath. The Suislide is a back and forth ride that is composed of two lines. It takes less than a minute to zipline point from A to B but the experience is long lasting.
Comic Reaction from Me
After the Suislide, we then headed to the Plunge. Only a few of us tried this and trust me this is nerve racking. Definitely not for the faint-hearted! I didn't know if I should be happy about my gf (Kim) trying this but since she really wanted to do it ever since we went to Macau, I supported her all the way. I've watched her slowly being brought down from the ramp and screaming. The staff counted up to five and then she was on a free fall. Swinging in the air as if she was going to be thrown to another cliff. It did scare the hell out of me and I think I was twice as nervous than her. It was not an easy job to take a picture while your heart is pumping. Nonetheless, I was very proud of my Kim because she was able to complete the Plunge!

Three of my other friends tried the plunge with one of them doing it with a twist - upside down

We finished all our activities in the park around 1pm. The people who tried the Plunge were given a certificate of completion. We traveled back in Tagbilaran City to have our late lunch. Our driver suggested to eat at Chicken Ati-atihan. They offer the delicious Chicken Inasal at a super affordable price of Php85. The best thing here is the unlimited rice and the fresh coconut shake. Overall, the experience was superb.

Adventure is the perfect word to describe my Day 3 in Bohol. The awesome thrilling rides will always linger in my mind everytime I think of Danao.

Until the next destination,

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  1. I've been there too! It's such an awesome experience definitely worth coming back!

  2. Kim is very brave and she is so happy to do the task!! Bravo KIM :) Teng ur reaction is lik," leave me i will run from here" :P :P

  3. awww :)) i wanna do this again!

  4. @Pari - yes she likes the extreme stuff. Im not a big fan of heights! my limitation is only up to zipline. hahaha!

  5. looks like you had a lot of fun! pupuntahan ko yan pag nakabalik ako ng Bohol...

  6. yes sir! punthan mo to sulit tlga! ;)

  7. @Kimesg - tara pero photographer lng ulit ako ha. hehe! =P

  8. @Christian - msarap nga tol. punta na! :D

  9. Ang galing nmn!!! Nacapture mo mga moments na un :D
    Dadami na turista sa Pinas lalo :)
    I love Chicken Ati-atihan!!! Sarap magkamay dun!!! :D
    Well done, Teng!! Well done!!!

  10. Salamat sa pagbisita Ands! Me too! nagkamay ako sa chicken ati-atihan kaya lalong sumarap ang kain. =D

  11. love love love DANAO! definitely will go back and re-live plunge! \m/


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