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It was a long yet eventful day. Smiling tarsier, miraculous water, unusual geographical formations, humongous python, appetizing food while enjoying scenic views, underground cave, bloodcurdling bridge, colorful butterflies and historical church - all these in just a day. This is our itinerary for the Bohol City tour.

Our first day was allotted for touring the historical and interesting sites of Bohol. It was indeed a great way to start our visit by knowing the roots of this province. Straight from the Tagbilaran Airport, we headed to the Blood Compact Site. This shrine was built to honor the agreement bond between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Rajah Sikatuna.

After taking some pictures for memorabilia, the next stop was the The Church of Immaculada Concepcion in Baclayon - one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.  It is said that millions of egg white were used to construct its structure. I was enticed with one of its pillars because it seem to form an image. Our tour guide told me that it reveals the face of Fr. Pio, a missionary from Italy that happened to be a Saint. The church does not allow short skirts/shorts for women who plan to enter the vicinity but they offer Malong (tube skirt) which can be used as cover. Entering the hall, I saw old relics hanging in the wall. I didn't know what was fascinating inside but after seeing the altar I was so amazed with its beauty. It is lit with gold and purple tones.


It took us more than an hour to reach our next destination - The Chocolate Hills. It was a bit tiring to climb up the stairs to reach the viewing deck. But, when I saw the hills I forgot my exhaustion and was astonished to see such geographical formation. The hills are green during our visit  last November but they change colors depending on the season.

On our way back, we stopped at the butterfly farm. The usual colorful butterflies were seen in this place. They also sell very delicious ice candies! I love the Chocolate Flavor!
My Friends Enjoying Their Ice Candies
Just a few minutes away from the farm, we stopped again to cross a hanging bridge made of bamboo. It was fun jumping around and scaring some of my friends who have fear of heights.

Then came the relaxing part, lunch time! We had our lunch at Loboc River. It was eat all you can while on a river cruise. At the deck, there was a band singing Tagalog folks songs - I could really feel the rich culture of Bohol. I also saw local kids bungee from one tree to another and splash in the water while our boat pass by. I threw them coins for the awesome stunts. The cruise lasted for about an hour.
Loboc River
It was time to continue our city tour and our next destination was the Tarsiers. I was excited to see this creature and curious how they look in real life. The tarsiers were about the same size of my palm but they have very big eyes. The staff told me not to apply any flash while taking pictures to avoid harming them. Besides the tarsiers, there were also reptiles like snakes, iguana and the naughty monkey.

Our next stop was the biggest python in Bohol named "Prony" - also the heaviest in captivity. According to the care taker, Prony's favorite meal is a virgin goat/ pig. They feed her 2 goats or 1 pig in a month.

My gf was very brave to enter the cage. Made me a proud bf! \m/
We left Albur Town and then headed to Hinagdanan Cave. This is the most frequently visited cave in Bohol. It was dark underground and the floor was very slippery. There are stalagmite formations  and I noticed snake markings around its wall. I went down farther and I saw a glimmering lagoon.

Our last and final stop was The Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Dauis. This is where we bought miracle water.

My friends and I enjoyed the city tour and checked-in to our hotel for some rest. We spent dinner by the shore of Alona Beach,  indulging ourselves with fresh seafoods. The parrot fish was excellent!

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Hotel where I checked in: Villa Almedilla

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  1. again, great shots! sayang di ako nakapunta ng Dauis when i went there... =D

  2. Ang ganda ng mga kuha mo sa mga Tarsiers bro!

  3. @Pinyo Adventurista & Christian - salamat mga tol! =D

  4. I remember crossing that hanging bridge with hands tightly holding on to the sides. Haha. I love your photos!

  5. Nice shots! Especially on the first tarsier, look at those finger:D Thanks for sharing.

  6. hi! ano pong lens gamit niyo? great shots! nice adventure! tuloy lang ang paglalakbay! : D


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