Mt. PINATUBO | The Hike to the Crater

This is our awesome adventure in Mt. Pinatubo! A volcano that is situated in Luzon - Philippines. It's last eruption was 1991 and became dormant since then. It has been recorded as one of the largest eruption in the world. In fact, even our house in Metro Manila received ash falls that time. After it has erupted, a crater lake was formed surrounded by lava formation. This magical lake is what brought us to hike in Mt. Pinatubo.

A quick glance of the Mt. Pinatubo Crater...

If you are going to Pinatubo, you have to leave on wee hours because you need to be on its foot at around 5am. Together with my office mates, we explored this place on a DAY TRIP.  We availed a tour package worth Php1,600/ head. It is inclusive of 4x4 Jeep Ride, Local Tour Guide, Lunch, Mineral Water, Souvenir and Conservation Fee. The meeting place was set at some point in Capas Tarlac. The tour contact advised us to be at the 4x4 terminals by 5:30am so we left Makati 2:30am

Directions: Take NLEX up to the last exit at St. Ines. Take the route of Concepcion Tarlac. When you see a Caltex gas station and Mc Donalds that means you are already in Capas.Go straight further until you reach Capas Market and look for a Jollibee where you will make a right in Capas Church. You will then have to make a couple of right and left turns. Pursue this road until you reach Sta. Juliana. The meet up point is at the Mt. Pinatubo Spa. It is a compound with many 4x4 Jeeps Parked outside. Do not go beyond that area because its already rough road ahead.

We arrived 430am which appeared to be pretty early with no other tourists yet around. Our tour guide met with us 5:45am and instructed us to go to our designated 4x4s. Each one has a capacity of 4 passengers.  These jeeps will take you to the hiking start point of the crater. Expect a bumpy ride because the route is rough road! Cool! =)

After the awesome and shaky ride, you will be dropped off at the trek point. The hike is approximately 1 hour to the crater. I advise you bring hiking shoes because its a bit slippery and wear a shirt with long sleeves since tall grasses are all over the path.

We kept walking until we finally saw the over looking view of the beautiful crater of Mt. Pinatubo. It was UNBELIEVABLE! Imagine being in a crater of a Volcano that disrupted the world and stand in front it. The color of the water is blue green. I've never seen such body of water with that tone.

The concrete stairway will lead you down to the camp site. Luckily, we were able to find a good place under a tree, enough to have a shade from the sun. We put down our backpacks and enjoyed the magnificent view before us. 


We couldn't resist the temptation of the water so we asked our tour guide if it was safe to swim. He told us that we have nothing to worry about. The water is cold and the surface is quite smooth. Just enough for a relaxing swim.

The packed lunch included in the tour was good as it offers two viands. We had our appetite satisfied and took a siesta while killing time. We left at 1pm as we've already satisfied ourselves. Most people go here do not spend the whole day in the crater and usually hike back after lunch. Again, you will need to go back at the 4x4 Station.

The 4x4 Jeep dropped us at the Pinatubo Spa. Here you can take a bath, however, you need to pay Php100 which includes soap, shampoo and towel. They also offer massages and the MUD SPA where your whole body will be covered with Mud. They said this is a good relaxation for the skin. Mud Spa is Php500 inclusive of facial. 
Mud Spa
That end's our day trip in Mt. Pinatubo. Going to this place is another lifetime opportunity me. I hope this volcano won't erupt again because the developments in the site are very promising.

Until the next destination,

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  1. Uy, we're planning to go there this month! Sana matuloy. hehe. Nice photos! :)

  2. Thanks sir! abangan ko yan sa page nyo. :)

  3. wow! been there also... but it was in 2008 pa... great shot Teng! feeling close ako... hehehe!!!

    followed u na... hehehe!!! can't wait for more travel posts from u... =D

  4. @Pinoy Adventurista - thanks sir! you're blogs are awesome as well. ang ganda ng davao entry mo. I can't wait to go there.

  5. thank you po... see you on the road! =D Hehehe!

  6. Saan po, or paano po kayo naka avail ng package na ito? May alam po ba kayong website or contact person? Ang ganda po kasi, nice blog sir. :D

  7. @sisaspeaks - I will try my best to look for the contact number of our guide in Pinatubo. I'll share it you. Salamat sa pagbisita. You also have a great blogsite! :)


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