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For many people, when you say summer there is one place that comes to their mind and that is - BORACAY. This island in Aklan, is well-known for its long stretch of white sand beach. This is the best place for water sports and beach parties.

My Friends and I went to Boracay last June 2010 for a 3 Days, 2 Nights Vacation .It was my first time and very excited to finally go there. It was lean season already but the weather was still perfect. After our check-in to the hotel, we went straight away to the beach. At first glance, I  got mesmerized with the shore - it was spectacular! It's like paradise to me. The sand is so white and fine as powder. While waiting for our tour guide (Kuya Homer) to arrange our para-sailing we grabbed the time to take some wacky shots and enjoy the sun.

Station 1 hosts the water sport activities in Boracay. Our first activity was para-sailing which costs Php.1,600 per head. Going to the sailboat we were transferred by a speed boat.  Then comes our turn to para-sail and the bad thing about going second is that you were able to see how high the parachute was. The way up was piece of cake for me but when we reached the peak it became shaky. The strong wind upstairs plus the sailboat turning causes the parachute to glide sideways. I hate it when the rope sounds like it was going to break. I was lucky enough to bring my camera above with the risk of dropping it because my hands was shaking while taking pictures. The view above was really amazing because you get to see 360 degree perspective of Boracay. On the way down, we were dipped in the water twice before we landed back in the sail boat. I have a small fear of heights but I guess my excitement helped me conquered it. :)
The view from above
Our next plan was to go Jetski. The cost of renting one jetski is Php.900 for 15 minutes. This has been my best jetski experience. I was going on top speed and doing some crazy turns which I never tried before. This experience was worth every penny. I 'll surely try this again when go back. :)

We returned to the shore and waited for the sunset. The clouds were starting to form perfectly and the sun was ready to sign off. 

Sunset Photos I've Taken in Boracay:

Day 2: 

We started the day early and went island hopping. Our call time was

7am and headed back to Station 1 again. The first destination of our island hopping was Crystal Cove Island. The main attraction here are the caves. You have to be ready to walk for an hour to explore the whole place. Be careful while going down the caves because the stairs are  slippery. You can swim inside it given that you are a good swimmer because the water is a little deep.On the way to the second and bigger cave, we had a great view of the coast. We also stopped for a while in a small sari-sari store to buy refreshments because the heat was making us exhausted. I left the my DSLR upon entering cave 2 because the water was waist-deep and you have to crawl in a small opening to reach the other side. We swam inside the cave but the waves were hitting us badly forcing the tour guide to jump in and protect one of my friends from hitting the wall. We had to get out immediately to avoid any injury.
The hike
Inside the Cave
After the caves, we went back to the boat and proceeded with the snorkelling. I found Nemo (clown fish) upon diving deep. The corals where great and fishes were swimming around. It took as an hour to complete the experience. We then asked the boatmen to proceed with the next island - Puka Beach. The shore was composed of Puka Shells and was very white! The water was blue-green as well.
Feeding the Fishes
Puka Beach
Puka Beach was the last stop of our island hoping. It was lunch time when we got back at Station 2. We had a typical Pork Liempo and Sinigang in the table. After resting, we tried helmet diving! Diving license was not a requirement for this. The fee was Php.500 per head. Before the dive, we were oriented by the dive masters and given us instructions. As I go down, I slowly saw different kinds of fish swimming in front of me. I could actually touch them with my hands. While under, the professional divers handed us some bread for the fishes. They also took pictures of us and compiled them in a CD which was given the following day. It was only late last year that Boracay introduced the helmet diving.
Going Down
Diver handing Bread

We spent our afternoon by trying the ATVs. The business was owned by a Korean who was very accommodating to us. The owner is hands on with the operation because aside from the local tour guides he also secures the safety of the tourists. Riding the ATVs, we were taken to a hotel uphill where we had an overlooking view of the Boracay Shore. 

Overlooking View

To sum it all up, my Boracay Escapade was fantastic and full of interesting moments!

Tour Guide Contact: Kuya Homer (09128890559)
Recommended Hotel: La Carmela  De Boracay Hotel

Until the next destination,

my email: tengd7k@gmail.com


  1. gud one Teng, after seeing the pics and description, we all want to go to dis place :):)

  2. Thanks Pari! That's great to hear! You'll surely love it here. :)

  3. Perfect sunset shots. I suggest you create a separate blog, say tumblr, exclusively for your sunset photographs. Tipong different facets of sunsets. :)

  4. thanks for the suggestion camille. :) For now, I am only using flickr to compile all my sunset photos. I will try explore new sites and let you know. =)

  5. you got very very nice pics! good job!

  6. truly captured the beauty of Boracay.


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