Tacloban | Rafael's Farm

It was a one laid back Saturday in Tacloban City when we had a lunch date in a beautiful farm named, Rafael's Farm. Kim and I were both searching for a quiet place and a good place to relax. One of my friend whose been to Tacloban has strongly suggested this place because of the good scenery we can find and the peaceful ambiance it can give. I see this farm as a place for bonding, picnic, 1st date, siesta or perhaps a proposal venue? :)

Rafael's Farm is only a Jeep away and roughly 40-50 minutes ride from downtown Tacloban. There are no specific landmark I can tell to find this farm so just inform the jeepney driver or conductor that you will be alighting to this farm. It's going to be on the left side of the street.

Beautiful landscaped gardens will welcome you in the farm. The more we moved forward the lighter our mood changed.

After strolling around the gardens, it was time for lunch. Rafael's Farm has a big restaurant enough to manage a number of people. Since there were very few guests that time, we had the privilege to choose the most relaxing spot for the two of us. We had a great view of the lake from our table and everything was perfect to our preference.

We settled with 'Grandma's Recipe Box' which I personally think reasonable with its  price. Kim chose the Garlic Butter Fish Steak as her main course while I ordered Baby Back Ribs. Both dishes were amazing and heavy in the stomach. I'm not a big fan of Turons but I liked  100% with what they served me. The waitress also strongly recommended their home brewed iced tea so I went for it. It was good to the last drop.

After eating, we strolled around again and got some clicks. The lake side view is just irresistible to for a good photoshoot with Kim. We also went boating by the lake while having good laughs in our conversations.

Rafael's Farm also offers a tree house and this is the best place for my siesta. It's really tempting to just lay down and kill time until late afternoon.

That was our simple yet very relaxing Saturday in Rafael's Farm. :)

Until the next destination,

p.s - no entrance fee required in the farm


  1. I love Rafael's even if I got lost going there and almost wasnt able to go back to Tacloban. :P

    Would have loved to stay the whole day there :)

  2. haha! the place is tricky to find as there are no landmarks to distinguish if you are near. :)) same here, id love to stay there the whole and kill time.

  3. very nice photos teng! it was raining when we went there last nov kaya onti lang pics namin.. :( pero the place is still beautiful! :)

  4. wow! ganda ng place. looks like it is still new! this is my kind of place to relax...thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Teng!

    Also went to Tacloban last November. Baka nadaanan namin to pero di nga napansin. :)

    Ang ganda ng photos! You always give justice to the beauty of nature! Dahil paglapag ng Tacloban, parang wala kang mapupuntahan. Pero may hidden beauty talaga. :)

    Saya ng trip nyo ni Kim! :)

  6. @bem&weng - salamat po! yup, the place is really beautiful and not very crowded kaya ok tlga magrelax. :)
    @The Pinoy Explorer - yes sir! medyo bago pa to. A frend whose been to Tacloban just suggested this to me. Try it! Sure ball mageenjoy ka dun. :)
    @Camille - salamat sa kind words mo. ;) I agree with you. Tacloban is pretty laid back but this place is really beautiful. :) Kim and I had so much fun bonding there. Its a bit far from downtown kaya ndi sya msyado nabibisita ng tourists but its really worth checking out. :)

  7. WOW !! Great farm and information !! thanks for sharing us your travel ! Nice pictures too ..

  8. Wow......... Great Blog

    I was pleased and privileged to follow your blog

    I really love it

  9. Hi, ano pong route ang sasakyan na jeep going here? san po landmark sa tacloban city ang sakayan?


    1. Hi! take a jeep bound for babatngon. you can find these jeeps parked outside the old bus terminal.

  10. "Great Picture in tacloban.....

    Your Blog is Very Interesting huh..."

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  12. The place reminded me a bit of Villa Escudero. Your photographing skills are mad! Keep travelling and snapping!


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