EL NIDO | Paradise in Palawan + Arrival

Paradise is the perfect word to describe El Nido. Imagine a place where you can find rock formations like in Guimaras, caves like in Cagayan, blue lagoons like in Siargao, marine sanctuary like in Bohol, snorkeling sites like in Anilao, exclusive island resorts like in Cebu and the best of all white sand islands like in Boracay,  - this imagination is brought to life by El Nido. A Philippine destination that will definitely last in your memory forever.

Pinagbuyutan Island

I've read blogs saying that it's too dreadful to go to El Nido due to different bad experiences so to ease up the travel I decided to book a van from Puerto Princessa Airport then straight to El Nido town. Never mind of the cost. Yes, it was a long ride since its a 5-hour journey considering the last 2 hours was rough road. Nonetheless, it never became an issue because I am frequent traveler and I know that in the end of my trip, I will be rewarded with what I came for. Reaching the town of El Nido, we were picked up by a medium size boat at the port and traveled for 30 minutes to the Dolarog Beach Resort. On our way, a Dugong breached and waved its fin while my eye almost popped out with excitement. It was unexpected!

El Nido Port
Dolarog Wharf
The Cottages
We arrived at around 3pm in the resort and we were already limited to do much activities so we took time to explore the island. We found interesting sea creatures by the shore. There were urchins, jellyfishes, school of small catfish, crabs, starfishes and the magnificent view of Pinagbuyutan Island.

School of Catfish
Sea Urchins
Oh There's Nemo!

Pinagbuyutan Island
Sassy and her starfish
The usual view in El Nido
We also bum around the resort and stayed at the pool side. Not to mention that the water in the swimming pool is composed of salt water from the sea. It was a good afternoon swim while relaxing myself with a PiƱa colada.

It was dinner time and our first time to taste the Dolarog Cuisine. I've read many reviews from a website saying that the food they serve was horrible! Well, I'm proving them wrong. I was overwhelmed with the dishes they served. They prepared different viands of food - carbonara, marlin, adobo, fresh salad, crepe and squash soup - more than enough to satisfy ourselves with a good meal.

After dinner, I strolled around and found my self underneath the coconut tree watching the swimming pool change its mood. Before I went to sleep I dropped by at the entertainment area and read some books about Palawan.

Swimming pool at Night

Entertainment Room
This is only the start of my amazing vacation in El Nido and I hope you can come back again to check out my blog about the 2nd and 3rd day of my vacation that will concentrate more on the Lagoons and Snake Island Tour.

Until the next destination,

P.S - I hope this blog gives justice to Dolarog. Sir Edu (Italian Owner) was very kind to me, I don't know why people misjudge him.


  1. captivating photos. especially the 'usual view in el nido' very nice.

  2. Thanks sir Renevic! kahit gabi na nakabisita ka pa sa blog ko. Gudnyt! :)

  3. wow we're both blogging about el nido at the same time. nice to see a different perspective. :)


  4. I've heard good reviews about Dolarog, pero parang mahal yata dito.

  5. @Jam - oo nga! Thanks for sharing your blog about Lagen and Miniloc. These are 2 power house resorts which I saw during our Island Hopping. I wish to check-in there someday. :)
    @Claire - may kamahalan kung iccompare sa hotels in the town pero mas mura sa Lagen and Miniloc. Medyo nsa middle yng prices nya. What I like about the resort is its own shore line and it doesn't have neighboring resorts so the area is not too crowded. :)

  6. malapit ba sa Corong Corong Beach yang Dolarog? Next time sa Lagen na ako tutuloy:p

  7. I'm not sure sir if its near. Wala dn kc ako nakitang ibang resort na ktabi ng Dolarog. :) Btw, great sunset shot on your blog about corong corong. ;)

  8. Ganda ng shots! Im suposed to go to El Nido this July14, kaso di na tuloy. Next year nalang ulit =)

  9. Awwww...sayang nmn! d bale may next tym pa nmn. :) thanks for dropping by miss chyng. :)

  10. You accommodation looks really nice. How about the price? I've never been to El Nido. Boo.

  11. Photos are so stunning, the 1st one and the pool at night. Ganda talaga ng el nido teng. May summary of expenses ba tayo teng sa pagpunta niyo?

  12. @Gay - I would say the price is in the middle. :) Punta ka na din sa El Nido gay! Para syang The Beach ng Thailand. :)
    @Bonzenti - thanks! :) i just contacted the resort and they arranged everything including the van transfer from the airport. all the island hopping, breakfast and dinner are included in the package. :) This is their website: http://www.dolarog.com/. :)

  13. excited na ko. We'll be there next month. :)

  14. That's cool! thanks for visiting the blog! :)

  15. arrrrg! this is in my bucket-list! My dream vacation destination in Philippines. Inggit ako. Nice blog! :)

  16. Thanks for checking the blog! kaya mo po yan sir/mam! good luck on the bucket list! :)

  17. Amazingly beautiful places!!!!!!!!!

  18. That first photo is superb!
    Can't wait to go to El Nido too!

  19. Thanks bro! kelan ka punta dun? :)

  20. A friend showed me your blog.. Amazing shots! Excited na ako mag El Nido sa August!

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  22. All I can say WOW. Can't to see this for myself! :-)


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