Negros Oriental | Home of the Dolphins

Well, its been a really loooong while since I revisited my blog. Plenty of travels last 2012 but very few spare time to write them down. Today, I was inspired to add something to my portfolio again. I want to share a few snaps from Negros Oriental. This province is not one of those top destinations people would like to visit but it has so many things to offer. If you are the type who looks for close encounter with sea creatures specially with Dolphins then this is the best place for you. We visited Negros Oriental last July 2012 and I could say that it was the best time to go for Dolphin Watching.

Sunrise was absolutely stunning as well. Woke up with a Firey Sky and watched the morning unfold. 

And so we went out very early and waited for the Dolphins. Our Tour Guide - Kuya Bong from DOT was giving us many significant information about our close encounter with the Dolphins. He has been doing this tour quite some time now and had developed a special bond with these sea creatures. He told us that we were very lucky because July is not a peak season and we were the only boat in the middle of the sea. This gave us a big chance of seeing these Dolphins. Kuya Bong explained that the more boats going out and do this tour can distract the Dolphins and disperse them away.

Then the perfect time came. The Dolphins were out and ready to play. At first we had to chase them while they breach and swim in the sea.

Soon we were no longer strangers to the Dolphins. They were so active and playful. There were a variety of Dolphins we've seen - from the spotted ones, spinners and the usual grey ones.


So that's the best story I have during my visit in Negros Oriental. I hope you were inspired with my blog.

Until the next destination,


  1. This looks like a paradise! I love the pic of the swing in the sunset, it makes me want sit there and see what you guys saw (with a San Mig light in my hand). I also think that the pic of the 2 dolphins swimming with the reflection of you and Kim photographing those beautiful creations is awesome. I want to go! John G.

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  3. wow ang ganda ng mga photos ang sarap naman may makasabay sa dagat na dolphins sa pawikan plang tuwang tuwa na ako kapag may nakikita ako sa dagat ano pa kaya sa dolphin.

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  5. Perhaps, one of the best places in the Philippines is Negros Oriental. You can visit Dumaguete to see the flora and fauna as well as experience dolphin adventure in Bais.


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